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"so we burned all our uniforms"

Utter Sadness

No more lunches this semester.

At least 10-6 happened once- the day before our privileges were taken away! We spent so long planning 10-6, and it got pushed back so many times, but it finally happened. And it was going to happen several more times this year. But I guess the administration likes to keep us in prison with no parole. We really should protest as a class. Like at lunch, all of us will sit in front of Mrs. Hotchkiss's office. She did say that she was "thrilled" to have us staying on campus, remember? The rebellion is coming.

So no more lunches this semester, and no gallery all week.... but C period still will survive! And when we get the gallery back on Monday, we'll be able to fight over the couch again, like in the good old days. Hang in there, everyone.
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November 24 2004, 21:37:04 UTC 13 years ago

yeah , so i definitely never went to this page ever. i'm starting to question the extent of [y]our bonding.
liz! i just thrive off of your sarcasm, i really do. it reminds me so much of... me.

maybe i should start being nicer to people.

so i'm glossing over your comment to say... have a happy thanksgiving!