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i believe in miracles (contrary to what david hume says)

Pink's in 2002

10-6 finally happened.

We planned this for so long, and I'm glad it all worked out in the end! I love Pink's. And I love my C period groupies.
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so sad i could not go!!!!!!
but it looks like it was pimpin' anyway.
i was there in spirit.


November 15 2004, 22:27:17 UTC 12 years ago

thanks for the pink's fries--leah, kat and i thoroughly enjoyed part of the lunch that you guys had! interesting that you guys went to pink's...oddly, you guys went around the same time that we were supposed to be doing the fetal pig lab (dr. morse is so not following the rotation, so why's he putting it up on the website?) yay for 10-6!
hey guys!!!!!!!!! so so so so so SAD i couldnt go out to lunch. but next time ill be there fo sho hommmieeeezzz. well c period was a little lacking today guys GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! everybody wish ashley and jenna congrats.

eeeww i just watched laguna beach and now i have that song:
we got more bounce in California than all y'all combined

in my head

good song though

bye bye bye guyzzzz