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I'm sorry, I'm sorry!!!

I'm sorry for not updating recently, you guys, I'm really sorry! The comments were just coming in less and less, and I thought maybe I was the only one who still loved our cult. But I'm really glad that people still care.

On a related note, I was thinking... for all of you who don't have livejournal but are sick of being "anonymous" on this LJ (or in Courtney's case, being considered a robot)... do you want one big communal LJ username? You'd all use the same screen name and password, but you could actually make posts and not wait for me, Lauren, or Jenna to make one. You wouldn't need to be writing in your livejournal, unless you really wanted to. I feel like I'm rambling, but anywhoodle, tell me if you want an identity or if you like punching in those random letters and numbers before each post.

Courtney, we really missed you today! There was a prospective family being toured and you weren't there to sound smart for us. I hope you're feeling better!

Happy Monday, it's sure to be a great week as always! (slight sarcasm there)
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